Ride on buds.

whether you ride a machine, ride a board or just ride the turbulent waves of life, we got you covered.. in our high grade killer threads.

It's more than just a brand - it's a lifestyle.

The True North Wild lifestyle didn't come from an idea - it's something that's always been within us flowing through our veins. Born and raised in the elevated reaches of North America we face all of the seasons and elements in full effect, from the scorching summers to blizzardful winters we find ways to overcome and make the best of each situation, by ripping the highways & lakes breezing through the heat to shredding the powder or fiercely throwing down brews by the fire. We are products of our environment and our environment is rugged & savage as much as it is charming.

Posers welcome.

At face value we may seem like a Biker only brand, and even though that's a part of our core we're still people just like you.  Consider us a rider brand, whether you're riding a machine, riding a board or just riding the turbulent waves of life, we got you covered.. in our high grade threads.

Good times only.

Get out of here with that negative attitude, we're a high attitude / high altitude brand. We all have enough of our own hardships in life and we strive to create a brand and following that's intended to keep the good times rolling and overcome the bullshit as a collective, in fashion.

Roll models.

We're far from perfect. If you see us doing burnouts in the city, throwing a few back and causing a little bit of havoc don't be alarmed, that's just us dwelling in our True North Wild natural habitat. Don't try any of this at home - get the hell outside and try it. Yeah we know it's spelled "Role" fuck off.

Don't Hesitate.

Put a lid on it.

Grab a hat now and make a
bold statement that says;
Hey I got a pretty sick hat.

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